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Your wheels won't sing if you don't have the bling.

I am flattered when people comment on my amazing bling.

It's been an uneventful day, slogging through the hot and humid weather so, I am going to show off some of my bike features.

Spoke holders

There are special permanent mounts on the bottom bracket to carry two extra spokes in case some break due to my heavy load.

Owl water bottle cages

From Portland Design Works. Black and gold to match the Salsa Marikesh frame with color coordinated water bottles. Ooooh la la


Very important for trail riding to alert walkers and cyclist in front of you. The King of Ding also from Portland Design Works, but custom modified with a special 84mm clamp from Modern Bikes.

Tail Lights

Dual Planet Bike Superflash High Output; 4 lumens; LED; dual triple AAA battery powered, purchased from Newswanger Bike Shop; mounted on my own custom fabricated frame clips made from closet shelf hardware. Pretty fancy Huh?


Head Lamp

High power, 1200 lumen, USB, rechargable Taz. This is removable from bike rack to use for camp site illumination. Headlamp is strapped to a specially designed mount on the rack. This plyable cushion like material is set to prevent rotation by two, 7/8" ,brass, #2 ,Phillips, oval head screws, mounted at opposing 37 degree angles and, secured by a 3" long, 4mm nylon zip tie. This special cylindrical cushion material was salvaged from a dark brown glass container, used to contain a 2020, Trapiche Medalla Argentinian Malbec, with concentrated aromas of red berries, plums, cherries and raisins and hints of brown spice and vanilla, highlighted by notes of toast and coconut. A very effective piece of hardware here.

US Flag

This American flag, strapped to my spare water bottle serves a number of purposes.

First; it is a moving colorful visual safety warning device which alerts approaching motorists, long in advance, of my presence sharing the road.

Second; It gives the ballcappers some pause when, they consider opening up their dirty exhaust port of their mega pick up trucks, to coal roll me with black soot, for their personal enjoyment. By waving an American flag off my vehicle, it sort of makes me more American, like them, waiving the US Flag off the back of their pick up. Theory: they wouldn't want to antagonize or run a fellow American off the road.

Third; I wave my flag to show that I am an American too! And, that I am considerate and respectful to my fellow Americans by operating a vehicle that does not make black soot or, grossly loud noises that disturbs the peace of others; which is not oversized for the vain purpose of intimidating fellow Americans and does not unnecessarily, selfishly, burn up excessive and diminishing fossil fuels that pollute the environment; and that I appreciate the freedom to travel though our great nation, at will, under the mode of transportation I choose, with the respect and consideration of other free travelers using the same roads and highways that I am traveling upon.

Lightning bolt valve caps

These special valve caps required to enclose the special No2 lighting bolt air contained in the rubber tubes of the tires. This special lightning air gives my two ton step van the fastest, highest and most efficient lightning bolt rolling speed. That is of course until I have a flat, then the air escapes at lightning bolt speed too.

So here am today in Huntingdon PA. Enjoying the fine hospitality of my freinds Richard & Karen. I have roughly 30 miles to get home today and will be traveling down the Lower Trail, a cherished and familiar route in our region. I'm looking forward to getting home and seeing my beautiful wife Pam. I miss her very much.

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